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New Series

2009-01-27 08:08:31 by lupedog

Well Its a New Year and a new Series.

If you have ever seen the FU series we have put it on hold for a while (when I say while I mean we may never go back to it) We have also shut down an old friend as well,

We have gone though an adjustment period, and though that we came up with a new idea, let me tell you about the result.

We talked mostly why the FU series was failing, one of those was that the FU series was about use in college, and when we were is college it was easy to create media directly referancing college, but soon after we were out of college we no longer had any new ideas; so what now.

We then started to descuss the idea of a series that refferances our current indever, work. To be more persise work in the development field; Graphic Development, Helpdesk, Weapons Development. With createing media from our own field we then are able to produce a real life mockery of our day to day experance, one that someone else in our respected field can relate to.

I did not espect to make daily 1st with this series, so here is ot unexpected successes.


Carry on son....

2007-10-23 22:28:30 by lupedog

Yes, things are continuing on with the game, I have the battle system almost done but I have gotten as far as I can go for right now.

So the next step is going very good, The World Map. As you might know the game takes place in Iraq during the start of the war. What I have done is taken the sat photos of Iraq and made the world map form that so the map will be very accurate.

In the demoed picture is what the cities will look like, the featured picture is out side of Baghdad, I would like any input that you can give me.

Also as far a development everything is still Wii capable, so were still good.

If you were to put a version to this it would be v.25, if you were wondering.

Carry on son....

Path of Duty Progress

2007-08-12 00:04:23 by lupedog

Well its been about a month of production and to tell you the truth its going faster then I thought and may be done faster then I had originally projected but just in case, projection for the demo is still Nov this year.

To the programmer: I have successfully gotten the timer checking itself every tenth of a second it then takes an integer of that number and does a modulo of the timer compared to the monsters speed. It then in that modulo it calculates the time in which to execute tasks.
As I have stated before the entire game is running in AS1 so that I can run on both the internet and Wii platform. I have tested it on the Wii and internet and because everything is running on a timer, there is no difference on the look and feel of the game on either platform.

That's all for now, more updates to come.

Path of Duty Progress

Flash RPG?

2007-07-23 20:20:51 by lupedog

Well I made it out of my brain surgery fine and fealing...ok. Now it is time for a new project, in the last few weeks I have taken on the task of makeing an RPG that will be Wii capable.

I noticed that most of the games that are made in flash and can play on the Wii well....kinda suck.

After talking with my partner in crime(rockyMike) we decided that I would work on a game that would be the prequal to our upcomming movie FU3 Aaron of Duty.

I figure I will have a working demo by Nov and the complete game on my site by Feb 08.

Last Cig

2007-07-17 18:33:29 by lupedog

Well Im going down 250 from Fairmont going along my marry little way and 45 min to go before I have to be to work and since I am only 15 min I think im good. Then as I start to see the river I notice that the trific is stopped. So like a good little law abiding citizen I put on the breaks and wait.....and wait...and wait. Shortly there after I decide to have a good old cig(last cig), puff on that for a few min, then decide I have had enough. I flick my cigarette out the window and watch the sparks fly over the pavement.

Shortly I realize that it was getting pretty late and I needed to call work and alert them I would be late. After I informed them of the situation of the haulted traffic, I decided to call my wife and inform her that I was still in town stuck on 250.

After talking to her for a few min I heared a beep and though it was work wanting an update so I got off the phone with my wife and took the other call. When I answered the phone I was suprised to hear my Doctor on the otherside since I had just seen him the day before.

My Doctor informed me that the MRI that I had taken the day before had reveiled the one thing that they did not think they would find seemed to present its self in the roports. What was that you might ask, but a Second Brain Tumor, like the first time I had one wasnt enough. All the stress and worring about the first one, gooing though the thing, and then oh yes the rehab(that part was a hoot)

I reached into my pocket totaly stressed out and about to get hesterical, I felt around for a bit and relized that what I was lookng for was not there, why, because had 5 min ago smoked The Last Cigarette.

So whats the moral of my story, never smoke the last cigarette becasue you never know when you will get that life changing bad news from you Doctor, Lawer, Wife, Best Friend, Mom, Dad, the Pope, Brother, Sister, Work, Ex-Wife, Girlfriend, Dilbert, Power Company, Police, Mick Jagger, and your Rabbi

This was a true story