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Path of Duty Progress

2007-08-12 00:04:23 by lupedog

Well its been about a month of production and to tell you the truth its going faster then I thought and may be done faster then I had originally projected but just in case, projection for the demo is still Nov this year.

To the programmer: I have successfully gotten the timer checking itself every tenth of a second it then takes an integer of that number and does a modulo of the timer compared to the monsters speed. It then in that modulo it calculates the time in which to execute tasks.
As I have stated before the entire game is running in AS1 so that I can run on both the internet and Wii platform. I have tested it on the Wii and internet and because everything is running on a timer, there is no difference on the look and feel of the game on either platform.

That's all for now, more updates to come.

Path of Duty Progress


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2007-08-12 05:48:18

I'm glad I check this out once in a while. Sounds good, looks good and is the mouse going to be a tough enemy?

lupedog responds:

not really, im going to have 30 or so enemys in this game and the "field mouse" is one that is a starter enemy. So far there is a scorpian a colbra and a mouse, with the mouse being the weekest.


2007-08-12 07:28:38

Use another lettertype, and grey looks so ugly, you should improve that.
The rest looks good.

lupedog responds:

that Entire bar at the bottom will be redone with a new color sceam and all, the char models and background is the only thing I think im keeping for the final version, or demo for that matter, thanks for the input


2007-08-12 14:44:19

Yes, Frax, the final menu design will be much different. I have to say it's not the most impressive screen shot, but damn it, it feels real to me. And that's what counts. Maybe I should work more on the movie...

lupedog responds:

indeed mike, indeed. And again any input thet anyone can give me would be awesome


2007-08-13 04:09:12

Oh snap. It would've been a nice joke to make a mose a tough enemy so it'll tech people to not underestimate. So is the game featuring only one playable character? And are the cutscenes going to look cool?

(Updated ) lupedog responds:

Yes in this game there will only be Aaron flying solo, with the limitations in AS1 I cant really do everything I want to do. I am thinking about some unlockable content though, like maybe an alternate char.

I did think about having the mouse show up later in the game as a med to med high enemy, but for now he is a rodent in which to abuse.

And lastly, would you expect anything else but cool from The Lupedog.


2007-08-14 12:02:19

Well I could expect more than just cool. And I mean super extra awesome cool. And I am expecting something super extra awesome cool. Will I get what I expect, or even better? But yeah unlockable stuff would be a great feature, And something that is not possible to unlock in the first time when you play. Like an alternative ending or something. Just not something you just get when you play the first time and lose all interest. NG rumble for example, I kept playing it until I got all the unlockables. Oh and will good ol' FU humor be included as well? Wow this is the longest comment I have so far made, so gongrats for being you and having such an interesting news post. Wow I still keep going on and on without any reason. Maybe I should stop. Ok I will stop. Now, no damnit! Now...

lupedog responds:

you really know how to use the character limit on these comments. Of corse there is going to be a bit of FU humor in that game, this is why I had Mike write the script for the sceans, im just doing the programming....and, interactivity. Wow Ive got alot to do....


2007-08-15 13:32:10

Hmm I would celebrate if I could someday make a serious comment and fill the character post without skipping to some random stuff like I usually do. So I realized that Mike does the writing and you do about everything else? Wow lucky Mike... But good to have him if he uses his all talents as a humoristic script writer which he is probably going to do. But hey you seem to be a fairly good programmer so I will not expect big bugs in it, maybe some minors since this is an rpg so it would be perfect to make it bugless at the first try, but I am not saying that it couldn't happen, who knows? But seriously speaking I do not why this is so, but this game has awakened my fully interest so I decided to skip my homework and check for updates. And the homeowrk has to be ready in Friday so I am not too busy now. But they did give a lot of homework, damn college professors... The first day! But I guess that is the price when you attend to a better-than-average college, and I don't think it's too bad, though I don't know anyone there. But I shouldn't be speaking of me I should talk about the game, and I need to ask that when can you post what the final battle screen is going to look like? And what type of music will the Path of Duty include? Will I ever stop making these stupid ends in my comments? Will I go crazy while asking these questions?

lupedog responds:

As far as progress goes I have now gotten so far in development thet I have given my progress a version number, v 0.1. What does this mean, its is now recodnisable as a RPG game and thats about it.

As far as music, technotrancerockmix. Its all done so far in fruity loops if that means anything to you. Just listen to some of my music that I have posted on the audio portal, its not the music thet will be in the game but its the same style


2007-08-17 06:48:24

After I listened some of those I found it very interesting and it would suit it. But if you ask me the Seekers of Atonement would be perfect for a adventuring scene. Where there is no fighting, but some plot developing. But that is just an idea that popped into my mind while I listened to it, kinda reminded me from Shadowgate 64. About the gameplay, that there will be the fighting screen, but is there a journey screen where you travel around, and if there is, what does it look like? Old Zelda style or side scrolling, kind of Paper Mario style?


2007-08-18 00:51:01

I have to tell you, I enjoy your new banner. Also, I played v.01 of PoD and it was awesome. I'm curious of how you plan to do the overworld stuff next.