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Entry #5

New Series

2009-01-27 08:08:31 by lupedog

Well Its a New Year and a new Series.

If you have ever seen the FU series we have put it on hold for a while (when I say while I mean we may never go back to it) We have also shut down an old friend as well,

We have gone though an adjustment period, and though that we came up with a new idea, let me tell you about the result.

We talked mostly why the FU series was failing, one of those was that the FU series was about use in college, and when we were is college it was easy to create media directly referancing college, but soon after we were out of college we no longer had any new ideas; so what now.

We then started to descuss the idea of a series that refferances our current indever, work. To be more persise work in the development field; Graphic Development, Helpdesk, Weapons Development. With createing media from our own field we then are able to produce a real life mockery of our day to day experance, one that someone else in our respected field can relate to.

I did not espect to make daily 1st with this series, so here is ot unexpected successes.



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