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Carry on son....

2007-10-23 22:28:30 by lupedog

Yes, things are continuing on with the game, I have the battle system almost done but I have gotten as far as I can go for right now.

So the next step is going very good, The World Map. As you might know the game takes place in Iraq during the start of the war. What I have done is taken the sat photos of Iraq and made the world map form that so the map will be very accurate.

In the demoed picture is what the cities will look like, the featured picture is out side of Baghdad, I would like any input that you can give me.

Also as far a development everything is still Wii capable, so were still good.

If you were to put a version to this it would be v.25, if you were wondering.

Carry on son....


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2007-10-24 11:12:26

Looks pretty awesome. I like what I see. By the way, how much scripting has it taken so far? I am just interested to know, since I just started wondering it.

lupedog responds:

couple or......thousend lines, its mostly copy and paste and then effected to the right var. but its still very involved.


2007-10-24 21:15:12

Hooray for new posts. I can't be the only one giving out new info.


2008-11-16 15:04:24

Okay, it's been over a year now. Time for a new post plz.