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Flash RPG?

2007-07-23 20:20:51 by lupedog

Well I made it out of my brain surgery fine and fealing...ok. Now it is time for a new project, in the last few weeks I have taken on the task of makeing an RPG that will be Wii capable.

I noticed that most of the games that are made in flash and can play on the Wii well....kinda suck.

After talking with my partner in crime(rockyMike) we decided that I would work on a game that would be the prequal to our upcomming movie FU3 Aaron of Duty.

I figure I will have a working demo by Nov and the complete game on my site by Feb 08.


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2007-07-24 08:15:42

Quite a big project coming up eh? So if you think it is gonna be up in 08, it is gonna be huge, isn't it? But a rpg about FU... Something worth of the long wait. Definitely worth it.

lupedog responds:

I tossed around alot of Ideas for RPGs, even one abot a post apocoliptic sosiaty, but I thought a game that would fill the gap between FU 2 and 3 would be the best for the series, and now thet Ive started Im realy glad I did, its turning out really good.

Ill keep everyone in the loop on the progress


2007-07-24 13:03:58

Yes it would be the best for FU. Oh and my review about the latest, I'm sorry about it, I meant to give a 10 but the new system sets the damn 0 as a default and never reminds me of the score. And I noticed that about the Wii games too, have you played Indestructo Tank or Resident Wiivile? Those sucked when played with a Wii.

lupedog responds:

its not getting my panties in a bunch, the samuri fbf fights were the things that I animated/made

also the games you mentioned, yes I had played them and they were no dought made in flash 7 or 8 and in that system its one not very compatable and two if it does run it sucks ass, thats why the game Im makeing is all going to be done in flash 5


2007-07-25 00:56:15

Oh, made to work with Wii well? Good luck on that. Who is going to draw the art in the game? Oh and why did you be in a brain surgery? Just out of curiosity.

lupedog responds:

im doing everything start to finnish except the story, mikes the writer.

Brain Surgery is something I have been dealing with for the last 6 years. PM me if you want the full story, I dont mind telling is but I dont want to announce it to everyone.


2007-08-07 01:28:29

Your name is Luke.

(Updated ) lupedog responds:

and your name is mike, and our friends name is good at this game